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Is The Damage to Your Water Heater Beyond Repair?


Is Your Water Heater Damaged Beyond Repair?

Water heaters have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Some may live on longer with proper care and use. But in its end phase, you will notice a few signs that mean the end. A water heater repair in Charlotte, NC may no longer make it work.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters discusses the main signs of water heater failure below. You may already need a water heater replacement.

Your System is Beyond Its Shelf Life

Water heaters have a definite lifespan of up to 10 years. Many factors can make it shorter or longer. But when it’s achieved the ten-year mark, it may already have lessened heating capacity. You may also experience some minor operating problems.

You should upgrade to a tankless water heater. These models may consume less energy and have better functions. They heat on the go and don’t need a storage tank either. And their lifespan can reach up to 20 years.

There Are Brown/Rust Particles in Your Hot Water

Who wants contaminated hot water for showering? If you notice rust and corrosion particles in your hot water, it’s time for a replacement. Your health is at stake here. You may be due for a new water heater installation.

Rust may come from the tank or its metal parts inside. The causes are either an old anode rod that needs replacing or corrosion in its other metal parts inside.

If you decide to go tankless, you’ll no longer need an anode rod replacement every so often. Any rust may only come from neglected outer metal parts or leaks. Consult with water heater services for the best options you can take.

Leaking Water Heater

Leaks in your water heater are sure signs of damage. It will also lead to rust and corrosion to connecting metal parts. You may also incur bigger energy bills from a strained thermostat. There’s also loss of water which leads to higher water bills.

These sure signs of water heater damage could mean they are beyond repair. You may want to go tankless if you don’t have one yet. Contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters today. We can help you with replacement options and a complete suite of services.

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