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Water Heater Maintenance Tips For Winter


Insulated water heater

With the winter chill in full swing, ensuring your water heater is in good condition is a top priority. As your go-to company for water heater repair in Concord, NC, we’ve compiled foolproof water heater maintenance tips. Follow them to keep the hot water flowing throughout the chilly season.

Flush Out Sediment Buildup

Over time, sediment can accumulate in your water heater, affecting its efficiency. Schedule water heater services and drain a few gallons of water from the tank to flush out sediment. This simple task can enhance your water heater’s performance and prolong its lifespan.

Check the Temperature Setting

Balance is key if you want your water heater replacement unit in peak condition. Adjust your water heater’s temperature setting to a comfortable yet energy-efficient level. Typically, setting it between 120°F and 125°F strikes a balance between preventing bacterial growth and conserving energy.

Inspect for Leaks and Drips

Regularly inspect your water heater for leaks or drips. Addressing minor leaks promptly can prevent major issues down the line. If you notice persistent leaks, it’s time to call in a professional plumber.

Test the Pressure Relief Valve

Lift and release the pressure relief valve on your water heater to ensure it’s functioning correctly. This action prevents pressure buildup inside the tank, safeguarding against potential leaks or even explosions.

Schedule a Professional Check-Up

While DIY maintenance is essential, scheduling an annual professional check-up ensures a comprehensive assessment. Plumbers can identify potential issues, perform necessary adjustments, and provide guidance on optimal performance whether you have a conventional or a tankless water heater.

By incorporating these water heater maintenance tips into your winter routine, you can enjoy reliable hot water throughout the colder months. Remember, a well-maintained water heater not only keeps you warm but also contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings.

For expert services from water heater installation to maintenance, turn to the Charlotte Plumbing Masters team. We are dedicated to ensuring your home stays warm and comfortable. Talk to us today to keep your home comfortably warm all season long!

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