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Top 3 Reasons Behind Multiple Clogged Drains


Drain Cleaning

A single clog in your plumbing or drains at home is already a hassle. But when you get multiple clogs, then it becomes a serious headache. What could be the reason for these issues? Will drain cleaning in Concord, NC be effective against them?

Charlotte Plumbing Masters has dealt with these stressful situations over the years. Our experiences in drain cleaning services have pinpointed three big reasons why.

Tree Roots

Your outdoor drains and sewer lines are prone to major clogging from nearby trees and plants. The closer they are to your plumbing, the bigger the chances of slow intrusion. You will then experience more than a single clogged drain when they are in full reach.

Tree roots grow towards water sources. It is their natural course of growth. These roots are strong enough to break through concrete and rock. Pipes pose no problem to them.

If these lines get damaged you will experience leaks. You also need pipe repairs or replacement. You will notice muddy, bloated lawns and moss growing around the pipe areas.

Improper Waste Disposal Down The Drains

Your improper use of drains and exit plumbing will cause multiple clogging issues. This happens when you dispose of food particles, oil, and grease down there. The same goes when you dispose of toilet paper, toiletries, and other items down your toilet.

There are clog-clearing methods that are effective for these problems. Hydro jetting uses pressurized water for cleaning. Drain snaking clears out the clogs with a specialized tool. However, these are no excuses to continue bad waste disposal habits down your drains.


Metal-based plumbing and sewer lines are prone to rust and corrosion over time. When they become damaged and start leaking, you will experience drain problems.

We at Charlotte Plumbing Masters are your go-to drain cleaning company for these extreme plumbing issues. Contact us today for a range of solutions and repair and replacement options.

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