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What Is The Sump Pump? The Sump Pump Explained


What You Need to Know About Your Sump Pump

For homeowners who have homes with a basement, the sump pump is an important tool for keeping water out. The role of the sump pump involves removing water from the basement due to heavy rains or flooding. If you don’t have one in your home, ask your local plumber in Kannapolis, NC about it.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is your local one-stop shop for plumbing services. We discuss what it is below and the merits of having a sump pump at home.

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

Sump pumps are tools placed in the lowest part of the house, which can be prone to flooding. It consists of a cylindrical chamber with an intake pipe and discharge pipe leading into it. It is at least six inches below ground level. This prevents water from reaching floors during flooding.

Excessive rain and flooding can cause water levels to go higher. It can back up through drains and water exit points to the point that it can no longer go down sewer lines. The sump pump becomes activated at this point. It pumps out the excess water to prevent flooding to your basement and lower floors.

How Much Does It Cost?

According to Forbes Magazine, an average sump pump can go from $600 to $1,800 plus installation costs. It could be a pricey investment but it will save you money from plumbing repairs and water damage in the long run.

A sump pump is a great long-term investment for homes that are flood-prone and with basements. It beats the possible damage and hassle of getting emergency plumbing.

How to Maintain A Sump Pump

Your plumbing company will provide you with basic maintenance instructions upon installation. It only needs periodic checking after every flooding or rain. You need to empty its water storage through a switch every time it pumps out excess water.

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