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What You Should Know About Pipe and Drain Clogging Issues

What to Keep in Mind With Clog Issues

Every plumber in Kannapolis, NC knows the symptoms of clogged drains and pipes. It starts with minor issues and bad habits. And it tends to compound over time until you have a full-blown stubborn clog that won’t go away.

Take it from us at Charlotte Plumbing Masters. We take care of these issues with our reliable local plumbing services. You might not be aware yourself that you are causing the clogging problems.

Clogs Tend To Develop Over Time

A clogged drain is more likely to develop over time. This is why you’ll want to be mindful of what you put down your drains. Even small amounts can build up to a clog. Common culprits include:

  • Oil and grease poured down the drain
  • Feminine products, toilet paper, and other things that you shouldn’t flush
  • Foods like rice and pasta that continue to expand with water
  • Small debris and particles

Avoid DIY Clog-Clearing Efforts

Back then, minor DIY clog clearing might have worked for you. Pouring hot water down the drains, or using a plunger on your toilet bowl might have been effective. Any other DIY drain cleaning efforts beyond that can cause more damage. And it can also cost you more than if you get proper plumbing repairs.

Routine Drain Cleanings Can Reduce Clogs

If you have heavy usage and forget to take note of these reminders, you can get periodic drain cleanings. Being proactive with your maintenance can help you avoid clogging issues and emergency plumbing. Routine cleanings by our plumbing pros can help keep things flowing in your drains. Our advanced methods involve video camera inspections, drain snaking, and hydro jetting.

We Are Your Local Drain Cleaning Pros

No one’s perfect when it comes to total plumbing maintenance. You would need help from the best and most reliable. This is why Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the local trusted drain cleaning company in Kannapolis, NC, Leave it to us. Contact us today and we’ll get you started with an estimate.

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