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What Is Basic Plumbing Maintenance?

Basic Guide to Plumbing Maintenance

We at Charlotte Plumbing Masters recommend getting a plumber in Concord, NC for difficult issues. Always leave those kinds of problems to the professionals, right? But it’s also important to know basic plumbing maintenance whenever possible. It pays to have proper maintenance to prevent major plumbing problems.

One way to do this is by keeping the basic plumbing maintenance tips discussed below in mind.

Watch Out For Leaks

Leaks are one of the top causes of many plumbing problems. With regular maintenance checks, you can spot them early and resolve them at once. You can also prevent major problems from developing.

Any signs of water in places where it’s not supposed to be is reason enough to contact us about plumbing repairs. Be on the lookout for signs that suggest a leak, such as:

  • Water damage stains
  • A soggy and muddy lawn near underground pipes
  • Leaking toilet connections
  • Damp kitchen and sink cabinets
  • Corroded faucets and fixtures

Don’t Put Off Minor Issues

Leaking appliances or a running toilet can become a major case of emergency plumbing. With basic plumbing maintenance, you can be diligent about minor issues. Resolve them once you spot them, regardless of their being minor. You avoid them from worsening and racking you up with extra costs.

Know The Location and Condition of Your Shut-Off Valves

If water is gushing from a water heater, sink, or another source, shut off your water valves. You should know where they are. You also need to maintain them so they stay operational. This way you won’t have to risk more damage and make sure they work when you need them.

Give Our Plumbing Pros A Call

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the local trusted plumbing company in Concord, NC. Our emphasis is on being proactive in plumbing maintenance. We recommend you do so when time is of the essence.

Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing services. You can count on us when the plumbing issue is beyond your scope.

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