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Red Flags There Is Damage to Your Water Heater


Signs of Water Heater Damage

Your water may last between 10-20 years. It depends on the type of heater model you have and how you use it every day. You need regular maintenance to keep it in top condition. Older or failing units will have recurring water heater repair in Kannapolis, NC. Be aware of these signs of damage or you’ll need Charlotte Plumbing Masters shares some of the top signs of water heater damage to look out for. Be mindful of these signs that will lead to inevitable water heater replacement.

Lack Of Hot Water Or Insufficient Hot Water

A failing or damaged water heater may struggle to provide hot water. It either has a broken thermostat or a heat control system. Age can affect other parts too.

Too much sediment build-up from hard water sources can also cause heating problems. You have to call water heater services to clear out the accumulated mineral sediments from the unit.

Odd Noises

Odd noises that are not usual with your heater are possible signs of damage. It could be loose or worn parts inside or broken heating systems. In case of sediment buildup, you need flushing services to remove them from the tank. If you need a water heater replacement, consider going tankless.

Discolored Or Cloudy Water

The discolored water you get from your heater can come from rust, corrosion, or sediment in the tank. It can affect your health and hygiene. It will also have a strange smell. If you need to get a replacement, you should consider getting a tankless water heater.


Leaks will show up in the form of water damage and pools of water. Make sure to check on your plumbing often. They can cause mold and wastewater contamination.

You can trust Charlotte Plumbing Masters for help with all issues with your water heater. We are the local specialists to call with a complete suite of plumbing services you need. Call us today.

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