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Common Plumbing Issues During Fall Season


Common Plumbing Issues During Fall Season

With fall just around the corner, you will experience temperature and climate changes. These changes may affect your plumbing. You may also have forgotten to do maintenance during the previous busy seasons. Your trusted plumber in Kannapolis, NC can help, but it’s best to know these issues beforehand.

We at Charlotte Plumbing Masters can get busy during the fall. You can count on us for plumbing services during this time. We’ll discuss below some of the common issues we fix.

Clogged Toilets

Many factors contribute to clogged toilets during the fall. Improper waste disposal during the previous busy seasons of spring and summer is one. The gradual lowering of temperatures may also contribute to it. It can harden the different substances thrown in the pipes such as soap scum or grease.

Tree roots could also go through pipes during previous sunny seasons. Their need for water will make them grow and reach the sewer lines. Once they break through them, they will create major clogs. You’ll need major plumbing repairs.

Leaking Pipes and Faucets

Some of the reasons for plumbing leaks include damaged washers that seal off faucets. Lack of maintenance checks during spring and summer can cause it.

Another factor is high water pressure. Aside from the lack of regular checking, the temperature changes can contribute to it. It can damage joints or the whole pipe if they are already worn. You may find yourself needing emergency plumbing.

Water Heater Problems

The need for more hot water during the colder seasons may contribute to water heater issues. Aside from more demand, the colder temperature can add extra strain to your unit. It has to meet certain heating settings. You may also have forgotten to check it since you didn’t use it during spring and summer.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is your trusted local plumbing company. Let us help you with these seasonal plumbing issues. Call us today for a range of services to suit your needs.

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