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Why Grease and Oil Have No Place on Your Drains


Why Your Drains Are No Place for Grease and Oil

We are constantly reminded to be careful of our drain use in the kitchen and bathroom. Many items can go down with wastewater and cause different levels of clogging. Be mindful of food particles, oil, and grease. Yes, there’s drain cleaning in Concord, NC for these issues. But that doesn’t make it an excuse not to practice good drain usage at all times.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters has seen it all from our years of drain cleaning services. We explain why these unwanted items can cause clogs and hassles.

Grease, Oils, and Fats Solidify

You may still pour oil, grease, and fats down your drain and make up for it by pouring hot water. If it was a one-time instance you can get away with it. Doing it often or not, oily substances can stick to inner pipes. Over time they build up, and can trap food particles and debris, causing a stubborn clogged drain.

The Situation Could Get Worse

The excuse that pouring hot water down your drain will cut out oil and grease is not valid. All these substances go down your sewer lines, where they can stick to the inner pipes just the same.

Constant disposal of oily and greasy wastes will form sludge-y fatty acids in your sewers. All the other particles and substances going down there can form clogs together. You’ll need cleaning methods such as drain snaking or hydro jetting to clear them out.

One Small Clog Could Impact the Entire Neighborhood

Neighborhood sewers can become clogged if a main sewer line has a blockage. It can cause backups and drainage problems for surrounding houses. All the wastewater laden with oil and grease cannot move out. You will need to call your local drain cleaning company for a thorough pipe clearing and cleaning job.

The general rule for your drains is no oil and grease. But that is easier said than done in most homes. We all need to practice proper waste disposal habits to avoid major issues. You can count on Charlotte Plumbing Masters to take care of these issues. Give us a call today for our reliable plumbing services.

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