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Types of Sewer Problems


Cracked sewer pipe Charlotte, NC

Your sewer system’s condition is an important aspect of your house. It flushes out wastewater and liquid wastes daily. It’s natural to encounter sewer issues from time to time. Charlotte Plumbing Masters is a reputable provider of sewer line repair in Charlotte, NC. We are well-equipped for a range of sewer line services to deal with common sewer problems. Here are some that you may have encountered:

1. Blockages

Blockages are caused by various factors. But often it’s the forbidden items. There’s grease build-up in the pipes or from flushing non-degradable items like wipes down the toilet. This clogs the sewer line and results in slowed-down drainage and water backing up.

2. Pipe Shifting and Breakage

Another issue that homeowners may need help with is a broken or shifting sewer line. The causes are aging pipes, shifting soil, or heavy machinery operations. They lead to leaks or blockages. You can get sewer line repair, but in some cases, a full sewer line replacement may be necessary.

3. Corrosion of Pipes

Excessive pipe corrosion can cause leaks. The wear and tear of the pipes’ walls will necessitate sewer repair. Most metal sewer pipes can deteriorate over time. Both the water and its elements can cause corrosion and abrasion inside the pipe walls.

4. Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots are naturally drawn to water sources. They will branch out to your sewer lines for water. Over time, these tree roots grow into sewer lines and clog the whole pipe. You will experience slow drains or pipe collapse. Prevent this by scheduling regular maintenance with sewer repair services.

5. Sewage Smell in the House

Sewage smells do not belong in your home. They are often a sign of a serious problem. When there’s a backup or leak, wastewater runs out instead of flushing down the sewer. Foul odors can leak into your house. Contact the professionals to replace sewer line and stop awful leaks and air contamination.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters can help with any of these sewer problems. We have reliable professionals and tools to diagnose and repair any sewer issue. We provide our clients with the best-warrantied services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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