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How PVC Pipes are Repaired


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PVC pipes are a common type of plastic pipe used in most plumbing systems. They are durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. They are a popular choice among homeowners. Over time, however, PVC pipes can develop cracks, leaks, and other problems from usage. They need professional services from a knowledgeable plumber in Concord, NC.

At Charlotte Plumbing Masters, we are efficient in repairing your damaged pipes. Here are the methods we use:

Cutting and Replacing Damaged Sections

One of the most common plumbing repair methods is to cut and replace the damaged section. Plumbing services use this when the damage is too severe and unrepairable by other means. This method of repair involves excavating the damaged pipe and cutting it with a hacksaw. We insert the new pipe into place and secure it with PVC cement.

Using Epoxy Putty

Epoxy putty is effective for repairing small cracks in PVC pipes. Epoxy putty is a great choice for small repairs. Your plumbing company can do a quick job of it. They apply the epoxy putty onto the damaged area and mold it to cover the crack. Once dry, they sand down the putty to achieve a smooth finish.

Heat Welding

For lasting plumbing repairs, we also provide heat welding. This is a heat-based method to join two sections of PVC pipe together. We use a solvent-based cement that softens the PVC pipe. This allows us a seamless fusion of two pipes.

Don’t let your cracked, leaking, or otherwise damaged PVC pipe turn into an emergency plumbing issue. If you notice the signs of a leak, contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters for a reliable solution. The method of repair that we use will depend on the extent of the damage and the location of the leak. If these traditional methods don’t work, we also provide trenchless repairs as an efficient alternative. Schedule an appointment with our professional team today.

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