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What Happens During A Professional Drain Cleaning?


Drain snaking bathroom drain Kannapolis, NC

Drains are one of the most used plumbing fixtures in residential homes. They filter wastewater exiting to the sewers. Over time, a buildup of grease, food particles, hair, and other debris can create a blockage. It will slow down the flow of wastewater down your drain. For lasting solutions, schedule drain cleaning in Kannapolis, NC with Charlotte Plumbing Masters.

There are several DIY alternatives to drain cleaning. But these are not always effective and can cause more damage. Here’s how our effective drain cleaning service usually goes:

We Assess the Problem

Before we provide drain cleaning services, we get to the root of the problem first. We use pipe cameras and other tools for close-up drain inspection to identify the cause of the clog. It determines the best course of action to unclog the drain. We will also check your drain habits and the location of trees near your sewer line.

Choosing the Drain Cleaning Method

We can use different drain cleaning methods, such as drain snaking and hydro jetting. It depends on what is causing the clog and how severe the damage is.

Drain snaking removes the clog by using a long, flexible cable with a hook on the end. It can deal with stubborn bathroom clogs caused by the buildup of hair and soap scum.

Hydro jetting, or high-pressure water jets can clear the clogged drain. It’s powerful enough to flush out serious pipe wall clogs and tree roots.

Cleaning and Inspection

After we unclog your drain, we will also inspect it again to ensure the complete removal of the blockage. We will also advise you to invest in routine drain maintenance to keep your drains clean and clog-free.

Do you need a professional drain cleaning company? The local specialist for the job is Charlotte Plumbing Masters. Our track record speaks for itself. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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