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Why Annual Water Heater Flushing Is Necessary

Why Annual Flushing Is Necessary

Many people think that water heaters don’t need extra maintenance. Over time, it can develop problems unless you do a few minor maintenance tasks. Don’t wait until you need water heater repair in Kannapolis, NC.

Neglecting your water heater will lead to malfunction. Don’t wait until you need a new water heater replacement. We at Charlotte Plumbing Masters recommend doing periodic flushing to clear the sediment. We have more details for you here.

The Issue With Sediment

One of the operational risks of a tankless water heater is the build-up of sediment inside. Sediment is various trace minerals in the water that will build up over time in your water heater unit.

Due to the lack of fine filters, sediment can cause issues in the operation of your unit. They can only enter the heating system but cannot exit out. This is why it builds up and you must flush it out of your water heater, to maintain optimal performance.

Performance And Cost Issues

Neglecting to remove sediment in your water heater installation can cause heating issues. Sediment can block the heating from below and lessen its heating capacity.

When your heater struggles to heat water properly, it can add extra stress. The water heater has to work harder to get the right temperature. This can damage your unit in the long run, and also increase your energy bills. Not to mention the costs of water heater services for major repairs.

Annual Water Heater Flushing

Your water heater needs annual flushing to keep sediment from affecting its operation. This will keep your unit in top condition and avoid stressing its heating capacity. You’ll get the right energy bill and the right heating performance every time. Proper care and maintenance are key to a problem-free water heater at home.

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