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Drain Maintenance Tips to Start the Year


Drain Maintenance Tips to Start the Year

You can avoid drain problems at home if you follow basic maintenance habits all year long. It will save you stress and extra costs when you keep them functional. But for difficult drain issues, get drain cleaning in Concord, NC from Charlotte Plumbing Masters. Here are a few useful drain maintenance tips from us.

Know What Not To Put Down The Drain

You can maintain your pipes clog-free by avoiding throwing certain items down there. First on the list is all oil and grease. They will coat the inner pipes and build up.

Avoid porous items like eggshells, fruit pits, and coffee grounds down the drain. Small food debris can accumulate and stick to the pipes, causing a clogged drain.

Do Regular Drain Cleaning

Cleaning your drains is a great way to maintain them all year. But don’t use chemical drain cleaners. They have harsh ingredients that will damage your pipes. Instead, use natural ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar. Together with hot water, you can clear away potential clog buildup from developing.

Get drain cleaning services if it has become a recurring issue. Do not do DIY repairs to avoid costly mistakes.

Inspect Your Drains

Regular drain inspection should be a big part of your routine maintenance. You can catch problems right away and avoid them from becoming major issues. You can also stop leaks, backups, and water damage at the onset.

Tackle Clogs At Once

Having the right tools on hand can help if you have a clog and it might take time for the plumber to come over. You should keep the right auger handy in case you need minor drain snaking. A plunger is helpful for minor clogs.

The right drain cleaning company can help you when your drain problems are no longer basic and minor. Contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters today and let us know how we can help.

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