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Common Plumbing Myths That Cost You Money


Common Plumbing Myths That Cost You Money

It’s safe to assume saving money is a top priority if you’re a homeowner. Unfortunately, there are lingering myths about plumbing that can have the opposite result. Below, we go over some of the common plumbing-related myths that show why it’s often better to turn to a plumber in Kannapolis, NC from Charlotte Plumbing Masters when fast, affordable assistance is needed.

If It’s ‘Flushable,’ Go Ahead and Flush It

Feminine hygiene products, paper towels, facial tissues, and baby wipes are among the things that appear to be flushable. But just because something can go down a drain doesn’t mean it should. Avoid costly emergency plumbing expenses by not flushing anything that could possibly result in a clog.

Boiling Water Makes It Safe to Put Grease Down Drains

Absolutely not! Grease should never be directly put down your drains. Hot water may dissolve grease, but it will solidify again further down in the pipe and accumulate over time. If this happens, you could soon be dealing with slow or backed-up drains.

Small Leaks Aren’t a Big Deal

Even minor plumbing repairs shouldn’t be put off. This includes small leaks, like what might happen with a dripping faucet. However, the EPA points out that a single leaking faucet dripping once per second can waste 3,000-plus gallons of water per year, so it’s best to deal with minor leaks right away.

DIY Repairs Can Save Money

This is one of the most common plumbing myths that doesn’t hold water most of the time. Unless you know what you’re doing or have experience with plumbing, doing the work yourself can easily create new, costly problems or worsen the one you were trying to fix.

If you’re looking to take care of plumbing problems without straining your budget, Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the plumbing company to call on. We’ll correctly diagnose the problem and explain your options so you can decide what’s best for your needs before any work is done.

Contact us today to save time and money with our top-quality plumbing services in Kannapolis, NC.

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