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Drains and Chemical Cleaners Simply Do Not Mix


Why Drains and Chemical Cleaners Don’t Mix

Many homeowners will experience a drain problem once in a while. Their bad usage habits can cause drain clogs at inconvenient times. Many commercial chemical cleaners can help get rid of them. They may seem heaven-sent and do the job fast, but there are many dangers and risks you may not be aware of. You’re better off with professional drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC.

Pipe Damage

Chemical drain cleaners have many harsh components that can eat away at the pipes. Despite using cast iron or metal, you will soon damage them after repeated use. They will cause cracks that will lead to leaks and they will worsen your clogged drain.

Septic System Damage

Your septic tank will also be prone to chemical damage. It is even more difficult to see when they are underground. The same type of damage in your pipes will extend to septic tanks and sewer lines underground. It will also destroy the balance in your septic tank with toxic chemicals. Please get the proper drain cleaning services.

They’re Dangerous

Anything that’s made of heavy chemicals is surely not safe and organic for humans and pets. The fact that they can damage metal pipes says a lot about their danger. They also emit toxic fumes. You can leave dangerous chemical traces in your plumbing, sewer lines, and surroundings. There are far safer methods such as drain snaking, hydro jetting, and BIO-CLEAN. These don’t involve chemicals at all.

Trust your drain cleaning company when we advise you not to use chemical drain cleaners. We’ve explained the reasons above for you to understand its effects. They are dangerous to both your household and your pipes. We don’t use it in the industry, and neither should you.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters offers you far safer methods. We’ll clean your stubborn clogged drains minus all the danger. Call us today and get rid of those blockages safely.

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