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The Dangers of DIY Drain Snaking


When you have a clog at home, it’s tempting to try and tackle it by yourself. However, while clogging issues seem easy to fix, relying on a professional drain cleaning company from Charlotte Plumbing Masters is still your best bet. Should you still decide to go ahead with DIY drain snaking, you should at least be aware of the dangers that come with doing so.

You Don’t Have the Proper Snake

If you have a drain snake at home, you might think you’re all set. But the reality is that most homeowners who own a plumbing snake are still ill-equipped to perform drain cleaning in Concord, NC. One reason behind this is that they probably own only one type of snake for one type of drain. There are a variety of snakes to repair different drains. In other words, the same drain snake that’s designed to fix your toilet won’t do anything to fix your sink.

You Can Damage the Fixture

Since the average homeowner only has the most basic knowledge when it comes to dealing with clogs, you’re more likely to damage your plumbing fixtures when you attempt to snake your own drains. Many plumbing fixtures are made of porcelain, which can easily be scratched by metal, which is what drain snakes are made of. Professional drain cleaning services are your best option.

You Might Not Be Able to Complete the Job

It may be tempting to use a drain snake on your clogged drain. However, if you lack the experience and training, you might not be able to see the task through. Clearing your drains using a plumbing snake takes a great deal of skill, which means you may not end up not getting all the debris and gunk out of the drain on your own.

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