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How Drain Snaking Works


Drain snaking sink
When faced with a clogged drain, One effective method we use for professional drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC, is drain snaking. This process involves the use of a flexible tool called a drain snake to clear the blockage in your pipes and restore the flow of water. Charlotte Plumbing Masters explains our drain snaking process below:

Inserting the Drain Snake

The first step in drain snaking is inserting the drain snake into the clogged pipe. Our team will feed the flexible cable of the drain snake into your drain until it reaches the blockage. The cable is designed to navigate the twists and turns of the pipe, allowing it to reach deep into the plumbing system where the clog is located.

Breaking up the Clog

Once the drain snake reaches the clog, we will activate the motor to rotate the cable. As the cable spins, its series of blades cut through the clog. The rotating action of the drain snake helps break up the clog into smaller pieces, allowing it to be flushed down the drain. This makes drain snaking one of our best drain cleaning services.

As the leading drain cleaning company, you can count on Charlotte Plumbing Masters for quality drain cleaning solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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