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Why Kitchens Are Prone to Clogged Drains


oil poured into the kitchen waste, clogged kitchen drain

Your kitchen drains are probably the most used plumbing fixture in your home. Because these are used everyday, from cooking prep to washing the dishes, kitchen drains often get clogged. Charlotte Plumbing Masters, a leading local drain cleaning company, shares some of the top causes of clogged kitchen drains:

Food Waste

The most common reason for blocked kitchen drains are leftover food, ground coffee beans, and fruit and vegetable peels. Many homeowners make the mistake of dumping these items down the sink, believing that they would simply flow down with the water. However, food scraps should never go down the drain, even though your kitchen sink may have a trash disposal. This is because food particles sometimes have a chance of being lodged in the elbow joint of a pipe and causing a clogged drain.

If you have a habit of disposing of food scraps down the sink, be sure to schedule regular drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC, to avoid clogs. We also recommend adding a trash can in the kitchen to encourage family members to dispose of their trash properly.

Fat and Oil

Another reason for blocked kitchen drains is fat and oil. Since fat and water do not combine, grease, oil, and butter should not be disposed of in the sink. While these substances are liquid when hot, they quickly solidify as they cool and create a sticky coating on the interior surface of your drain pipe. Over time, the layer would keep accumulating and lead to clogs. When this happens, schedule prompt drain cleaning services to clear the blockage. Rather than letting used oil and grease down the drain, keep them in a container until they have cooled. Once hardened, you can simply throw it in the trash.

At Charlotte Plumbing Masters, we provide quality drain snaking and drain maintenance services. Whether you are dealing with a clogged drain or want to maintain your clog-free pipes, you can count on us for reliable services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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