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Things That Can Cause Your Water Heater to Burst


water heater repair in Concord, NC

Water heaters work hard to provide us with constant hot water when we need it. You have to take care of them and practice regular maintenance. But have you ever heard of water heaters that burst? What could the problem be that demands an immediate water heater repair in Concord, NC?

Charlotte Plumbing Masters has provided reliable water heater services over the years. We can share some insights on how this situation happens.

Sediment Buildup

Sediment comes from your water source connected to your water heater installation. It is the various minerals in hard water that can build up and collect in the unit over time.

The presence of enough sediment in the tank can cause added strain to its operation. The unit will work harder to achieve the right level of heat. Even tankless water heater units are not spared from this problem.

One sign of collected sediment in your water heater is rattling or popping sounds. Don’t let it get worse, and get your unit flushed right away. You don’t want to experience a burst water heater at an inconvenient time.

Rust and Corrosion

Standard water heaters have a storage tank. It is prone to rust and corrosion only prevented by an anode rod inside. But it’s also prone to deteriorate, which will then allow rust and corrosion to develop. If you don’t get a replacement rod, the problem will worsen and can cause a burst water heater.

Too Much Internal Pressure

Water heaters can accumulate air pressure just like your home plumbing. All the constant heating causes extra air pressure inside. The air pressure relief valve can release most of the air pressure. But in the long run, you can still experience a burst heater. Make sure you’re operating your unit in the 120 to 125 Fahrenheit degree range.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is here to provide you with reliable water heater services. Don’t let your unit burst or get damaged. Call us right away for maintenance, repairs, or a water heater replacement.

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