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What is Bio-Clean?


A Closer Look at BIO-CLEAN

Many homeowners have used commercial chemical drain cleaners to remove drain clogs. Most of them are effective but they can damage the pipes due to their harsh components and effects. Its regular use can destroy pipes compared to safer drain cleaning in Concord, NC.

BIO-CLEAN is a safe, non-toxic alternative to chemicals. It uses natural enzymes and bacteria that break down plant and animal matter. It is an effective means of drain cleaning services for clogged pipes.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters uses BIO-CLEAN as a more environmentally friendly method. It doesn’t damage drain pipes and doesn’t release toxic fumes or smells. We discuss what it is and how it works against clogs.

How Does BIO-CLEAN Work?

BIO-CLEAN is an organic type of drain-cleaning substance. It can eat through organic material using friendly bacteria. It considers food particles, grease, hair, and other organic wastes as food. The bacteria multiplies as it eats the organic blockages in the clogged drain. It’s an effective and practical method.


BIO-CLEAN doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that can damage your plumbing systems. This substance doesn’t release any toxic fumes or smells that are bad for your health. It also doesn’t affect inorganic material and living tissue. It can be as effective as drain snaking in some cases.

Even its residue after working a clog isn’t harmful to the environment. It’s safe for plants and soil and can act as a food source for any type of vegetation. Chemical cleaners can leave harmful wastewater residue after clearing your drains and pipes.

While commercial chemical cleaners are a more popular choice, they are not safe. They can damage your plumbing, produce toxic fumes, and are dangerous to members of your home. This makes BIO-CLEAN the better alternative with no ill effects.

Learn more about the advantages and applications of BIO-CLEAN. Contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters today. We’re a local, full-service plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning company.

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