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How Do Toilet Backups Occur


How Do Toilet Backups Occur

Having a properly working toilet is a must in every home, which is why it’s important to be proactive about maintenance and stay on top of plumbing issues before they can turn into more serious problems like toilet backups. If you have been getting frustrated by toilet backups, Charlotte Plumbing Masters, leading plumber in Charlotte, NC, shares a breakdown of how the general culprits lead to toilet backups:

1. Old Age

If you use a first-generation, low-flow toilet, it is likely to experience toilet backflows. These old units lack the needed pressure to clean wastes in the drains, which can lead to accumulated materials clogging your washroom. If this happens regularly, be sure to schedule prompt professional repairs to avoid an emergency plumbing situation. 

2. Blocked Vents

Plumbing vents can get blocked over time. The vent funnels fresh air into the system and enhances drain flow by stopping air pressure vacuums that obstruct it. If the vents get blocked with materials like leaves, it is time to call for plumbing services because blocked ducts can slow your drains and cause other serious issues. When not dealt with right away, blocked vents can even turn into a backed up sewer. 

3. Problems With the Main Sewer Line

If you experience recurring clogs in a number of your toilets, then the underlying issue could be within the main sewer line. Suppose the main sewer line gets clogged by the buildup of waste materials, the case reflects in your toilets, and you will keep experiencing toilet backups until permanently solved by a professional plumbing company with the appropriate tools.

If you are experiencing issues with your toilet, you can count on our experts at Charlotte Plumbing Masters for professional plumbing repairs. We will work quickly and efficiently to help prevent your existing issues from worsening. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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