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Why Proper Water Heater Placement Matters


Why Proper Water Heater Placement Matters

One common reason that homeowners need water heater repair in Charlotte, NC, is terrible outcomes related to poor water heater placement. A poorly placed traditional tank hot water heater can cause extensive damage and costly remediation efforts. Charlotte Plumbing Masters discusses some of these problems below:

Inspection Expenses

Local and state building, safety and other codes require proper placement of a water heater. If a homeowner installs a tank-style water heater on their own in an unapproved spot, they might need to spend a lot more money to pay fines and hire a professional to provide emergency re-installation and water heater services.

Property Damage

Whether this is a new construction installation or a water heater replacement, the installation spot matters because a leak can cause significant damage to flooring, stored belongings and interior or exterior wall materials like drywall and siding. Even if a tank hot water heater is placed above floor level, in a garage or shed or along an outside wall, a leak can sometimes cause damage to property.

Mold Growth

If the existing heater is in a bad location, and has sprung a leak, the excess moisture can create the perfect environment for rapid mold growth. Homeowners can expect an expensive cleanup bill since mold infiltrates porous materials with ease, including objects made with paper and natural threads, such as wallpaper, books, clothing and upholstery. So during water heater installation, be sure to consult your plumber on the best location for your heater.

Most problems related to water heater placement can be avoided by working with a reputable plumber like Charlotte Plumbing Masters, We are a full-service company offering a range of water heater services including installation, repair, and replacement. Our experienced technicians are also trained to install a tankless water heater, if that’s your preference. Contact us today for inquiries.

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