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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Is It Time for Water Heater Repairs?

Water heaters are an essential part of your home’s plumbing system. They deliver all the hot water you need for hygiene, cooking, and cleaning. But your unit may experience operation issues affected by your use and other factors. You will need to get immediate water heater repair in Concord, NC.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is your reliable water heater services company. We share some details on when you’ll need some repairs. Take note of these important signs.

Irregular Temperature

A malfunctioning water heater will become inconsistent with its operating temperature. Pay attention to the heating levels you are getting. Your water heater should maintain a consistent temperature. If not, its thermostat may already need repairs.

No Hot Water

One sure sign of a water heater malfunction is not producing hot water all of a sudden. Checking the power and resetting the breaker should fix the problem. If not, you might need a water heater replacement. Ask us for details about the benefits of a repair versus a replacement.

Not Enough Hot Water

Your heating unit should provide you with enough hot water for every use. There could be a problem with its heating element, gas supply, or control board. A traditional water heater can only store a definite amount in its tank. It may no longer be able to provide enough hot water for everyone. Ask us about getting a tankless water heater.

Higher Utility Bills

One bad sign of an underperforming water heater is getting higher energy bills. Your unit could be struggling to produce enough hot water at the correct temperature. It could also be struggling to keep up with your water heating needs. Get your unit checked right away.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the local go-to water heater specialist. We will be there when the time comes for a water heater installation, repair, or replacement. Call us today so we can sort out your water heater problems.

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