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What Causes Sediment Buildup?

What Causes Sediment Buildup?

Sediment is basically an accumulation of debris and other materials. It’s not a good thing for your water heater, and it’s sometimes a reason to need a plumber in Charlotte, NC, from the reliable local company: Charlotte Plumbing Masters. Here’s a closer look at what causes this type of buildup in water heaters.


Over time, mineral-heavy or “hard water” can accelerate the need for a new water heater installation. This can happen since hard water contributes to sediment buildup, which can shorten the life of a water heater, especially a tank-based one. There are several ways to mitigate hard water issues, one of which is to consider a whole-house water filtration system.


Sediment buildup is more likely to be an issue if you aren’t flushing your hot water system annually. Flushing refers to the process of draining the unit to remove sediment and other accumulated debris. This is something that’s recommended for both tank-based and tankless water heater models. The general recommendation is to flush your water heater at least once a year.


Sediment buildup may also occur if parts of your water heater are worn or damaged. For example, if water pressure is too high in your tank or system because of issues with valves or controls, sediment may buildup faster than usual. Luckily, we offer water heater services that can address these issues quickly and affordably.


Minimize your need for premature water heater replacement by reaching out to Charlotte Plumbing Masters. We can perform annual flushings or inspections to reduce sediment buildup and spot any other issues with your water heater.

When it comes to water heater repair in Charlotte, NC, trust only Charlotte Plumbing Masters. We offer a range of services for any kind of water heater. You can be sure of prompt solutions and long-lasting benefits at all times when you work with our team.

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