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How To Do Maintenance On Standard Tank Hot Water Heaters


Standard water heaters provide the best temperature for showering. To keep them in top condition, they need regular maintenance. Don’t end up getting water heater repair in Waxhaw, NC when damage or malfunction has set in.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters urges homeowners to be proactive in water heater maintenance. Don’t let it lead to a water heater replacement to get it done.

Do I Have To Do Routine Maintenance?

Yes, you do. Regular maintenance on your water heater helps spot issues early. You can preempt heating problems, leaks, loose parts, and internal issues. Call for water heater services to get some maintenance done and also fix minor issues.

Important Routine Maintenance

The first maintenance step is flushing water out of the unit. You need to flush a new water heater installation after the first 6 months. This washes out accumulated sediment from water.

You also need to inspect the anode rod 6 months after its installation. The anode rod protects the tank from corrosion by absorbing it. It helps keep heating capacity constant. It also makes sure it operates without any extra strain.

The T&P or temperature and pressure valve is a safety device in your water heater. You should test the T&P and make sure it works and is ready when you need it. It can get stuck when you need it most.

Unless you own a tankless water heater, you need to do some regular maintenance checks on your unit.

Visual Inspection Is A Must

You also need to check your water heater’s venting and air supply every year. Make sure there’s no damage or obstruction that can lead to carbon monoxide build-up.

Next to watch out for is burner carbon build-up. This can affect its heating capacity. After that is the air intake dust filter. It needs annual cleaning to ensure proper oxygen intake.

Some of these steps are doable, but it is only recommended for those with skill and experience. You may do it wrong or damage the unit. It is better to leave the maintenance work to qualified specialists. Call Charlotte Plumbing Masters today to schedule a proper maintenance job.

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