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Tankless Water Heater in Charlotte, NC, and Surrounding Areas

  • Installation of tankless water heaters
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If you are searching for any service related to tankless water heaters in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas, Charlotte Plumbing Masters is your answer - new installations of tankless water heaters, replacement or repairs to existing ones. Charlotte Plumbing Masters is a plumbing company licensed to offer all types of services related to tankless water heaters. With the Same-day service and Emergency Hot Line, our professional plumbing services are unmatched for the area of NC. Call today to schedule your appointment with our plumbing specialists for any tank water heater service, including water heater repair, installation, and replacement!

The tankless water heater is preferred when you want to have an endless amount of hot water on demand, or when you need to save some space in your house closet or storage room. Even if the tankless water heaters are more expensive compared to the traditional ones, it’s proved that they save you money by using electricity or gas to heat water only when you need it. There are a big variety of models, depending on the fuel type, the needed flow rate, number of points of use, and desired temperature of the hot water.

Call today or fill out our online form for tankless water heater installation Navien NPE-180A 8.4 GPM condensing with all code and manufacturer requirements $3495.00

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