Sewer Pump Installation & Replacement in Charlotte, NC, and Surrounding Areas

  • Sewer pump installation
  • Sewer pump replacement
  • Sewage ejector pumps
  • Sump basin/septic tank

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is a plumbing company licensed to offer all types of services related to sewer pumps. Whether it’s a new sewer pump installation or a replacement of the existing one, Charlotte Plumbing Masters will handle it right away at an affordable price! With the Same-day service and Emergency Hot Line, our professional plumbing services are unmatched for the area of NC and SC. Call today to schedule your appointment with our plumbing specialists for any sewer pump service!

The sewage ejector pumps are needed when you have a septic tank and sewage needs to be pumped out to the location of your drain field, if your home’s drain is below the municipal sewer line, or if some of your plumbing fixtures are located below the main sewer line grade. Call us or fill out our online form to get an experienced sewer pump service that meets all local building codes and requirements.

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