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Finding an expert to handle sewer line repair in Matthews, NC, is easy if you simply start out with a call to Charlotte Plumbing Masters. No sewer repair task is too big or too small for our knowledgeable team to manage, and we offer our expertise to residential and commercial clients alike throughout the greater Charlotte area.

Common Sewer Line Issues

Sewer lines are constructed of strong, durable material that's meant to stand up to years of exposure to soil and wastewater, but even high-quality piping will eventually deteriorate due to corrosion or age. Pipelines of all sizes may become clogged by improperly discarded grease, hair, and other substances, or they may crack under the weight of heavy traffic. Tree roots also cause havoc with buried sewer lines by penetrating through small cracks and growing to fill the available space inside the pipe.

Signs That Your Sewer Line is Damaged

As a local property owner, you may be wondering about the appropriate time to seek the professional help provided by our established plumbing company. We generally recommend reaching out to us after any type of sewer line back-up even if the problem seems to resolve on its own. Additional signs to take note of include sunken or damp spots in your lawn that could mean a buried line has cracked or collapsed and also foul-smelling sewer gas that might indicate a partial sewer pipe blockage.

Reasons Prompt Sewer Repair is Needed

In the absence of timely sewer repair services, a minor, localized sewer line issue may get worse and spread until significant property damage occurs. Small cracks can widen to allow tree roots to enter, and corrosion can weaken the pipe to the point that it collapses completely. Standing water from a leaking sewer line can also promote the growth of mold and cause foundation and structural problems. Our team is ready to make the repairs needed to fix these sewer line issues and to prevent future problems from occurring.

When is Replacement Necessary?

Some sewer line problems just can't be resolved with basic repair technology. If we encounter a sewer pipe that is separated, collapsed, or otherwise unsuitable for use, we're equipped to replace it by excavation or other means. It's also usually necessary to replace sewer lines that have settled in ways that don't permit the free flow of wastewater.

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Charlotte Plumbing Masters should be the only name that comes to mind when you need a reputable plumber in Matthews, NC, or a nearby area. We take a results-oriented approach to every job, and we work quickly but without cutting any corners. We also provide flexible appointment options, reliable communication, and first-rate work whether we're serving a local homeowner or a large corporate entity.

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Our crew is standing by to tackle any project related to sewer line replacement or repair, so give Charlotte Plumbing Masters a call or fill out the form to request an on-site consultation and estimate today. We look forward to addressing your sewer-related concerns right away.

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