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The Top Provider of Sewer Line Repair in Kannapolis, NC

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the plumber in Kannapolis, NC, that you can depend on when you need fast service from reliable experts. The local area has grown rapidly in the past decade, and many homeowners are finding that they need to spruce up older residences that may have plumbing concerns. At Charlotte Plumbing Masters, we provide on-time plumbing solutions such as repair, replacement, installation, inspection, and maintenance on your schedule.

Sewer Line Issues We Deal With

  • Clogs and slow drains
  • Damaged sewer lines
  • Leaking connections
  • Water pressure issues

If you experience any of the above sewer line concerns, let Charlotte Plumbing Masters provide personalized sewer line repair in Kannapolis, NC. Get in touch with our crew today!

Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line

There are a number of signs to pay attention to when it comes to sewer lines. Wet spots that develop on floors or walls in your home or patches of grass in your yard could mean you have a broken line underground. Additionally, drains that make strange noises or emit foul odors could mean that you have a serious clog or damaged sewer line.

Whatever issues you’re facing, you can have peace of mind in knowing that Charlotte Plumbing Masters is here to provide plumbing and sewer repair services fast. Schedule your service today with one of our friendly and experienced Kannapolis plumbing specialists.

Why Prompt Sewer Repair Should Be A Priority

Addressing sewer concerns quickly can reduce the chances of a plumbing problem becoming a complete disaster. Below are some additional reasons you should act fast if you think you have a plumbing problem:

  1. Plumbing issues only get worse with time
  2. DIY plumbing repair can actually end up costing more
  3. Clogged drains can lead to floods and property damage
  4. Repairs often become more expensive as they become more complex

Replacement May Be Necessary

While repair is always preferable to replacement, there are times when we need to replace sewer line as it is the best course of action. This is particularly true in situations where a sewer line or plumbing problem is so bad that repairs would only be a temporary fix. Our team will evaluate your situation, provide you with all available options and only recommend replacement in cases where it makes the most sense for your needs.

Rely on Our Team

Our reliable plumbing company provides upfront, honest service from licensed and insured professionals. Whether repairs will suffice or a full-on sewer line replacement is what you need, we’ll let you know. If you can get things resolved through a repair, our team will tell you. If we don’t find any problems during an inspection, you’ll receive our honest report. We want our clients to not only be totally satisfied with our services, but we also want you to have peace of mind in knowing what’s going on with your plumbing and sewer systems.

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