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The Local Specialist for Sewer Line Repair in Huntersville, NC

If you need a plumber in Huntersville, NC, who can handle sewer line repair and more, Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the team to call. We specialize in providing superior repair, replacement, inspections, and more for sewer systems. Our experienced team is ready to work around your schedule to get your home the service it needs fast.

The Problems We Can Address

Sewer line problems often start out small, but by the time you notice an issue, things have likely progressed to the point where professional service is needed. Root growth into sewer lines is common over time, and shifting soil can also damage lines. Of course, clogs from waste and debris can also lead to sewer line damage, but thankfully, Charlotte Plumbing Masters is here to provide fast, friendly, reliable sewer line repair in Huntersville, NC.

Check If Your Sewer Line Has Sustained Damage

  • Wet spots developing around your property
  • Shifting foundation and surrounding soil
  • Gurgling noises coming from your pipes
  • Water that doesn’t drain or that drains very slowly

You may need sewer repair services when you have older sewer lines, your lines were not installed properly, clogs have damaged your sewer lines, and you experience water backups and flooding. If you notice any of these signs, get in touch with our professional plumbing company for an inspection and evaluation.

You May Need to Consider Replacement

Although repair services are usually the first solution for damaged or malfunctioning lines, replacement is sometimes the best course of action. Below are some instances when the right choice is to replace sewer line:

When Damage is Extensive

If a sewer line has become very badly damaged due to corrosion or physical force, replacement is usually the best option.

When a Sewer Line is More Than 40 Years Old

In general, sewer lines over 40 years old should be replaced. Even lines that haven’t suffered damage tend to wear out over time, and lines that are over 40 years old usually benefit from sewer line replacement.

When a Sewer Line Has Been Installed Incorrectly

If a sewer system is installed incorrectly, the entire network of lines and connections can suffer. This then causes the potential for flooding, drain issues, property damage, and risks to your health.

At Charlotte Plumbing Masters, our team uses the latest in video line inspection technology to get a look deep inside your sewer pipes to see what’s going on. If sewer repair services are possible, we’ll provide all available options, but if replacement is recommended, we’ll give you honest advice to protect your property and your health.

Let Our Team Work On Your Sewer System

Huntersville, NC is a growing area in the Charlotte Metro, and many homeowners are either moving up or moving in. If you’ve found that your home is in need of some plumbing TLC, the sewer experts at Charlotte Plumbing Masters are the team to trust. We provide emergency service in Huntersville, and all of our plumbing professionals are background-checked, licensed, and insured for your peace of mind.

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