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The Top Crew for Sewer Line Repair in Concord, NC

For the best sewer repair services, Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the team to turn to at all times. We provide sewer-related solutions for homes and businesses in the Concord area, and no job is too big or too small for our experts. Whether you’re dealing with a broken line or you just want a video inspection of your pipes for your peace of mind, our trusted plumbing company is here to help.

Below are some common sewer line issues that we handle:

Broken and damaged sewer lines

Sewer lines become damaged due to a variety of factors, including physical force, shifting soil and water pressure, and temperature issues.

Corroded or aging sewer lines

Replacing a sewer line is often recommended when a line has been severely damaged, has become dangerously corroded, or when a line is over 40 years old.

Clogs from waste or debris

Sewer lines that become clogged with waste and debris can experience dangerous inner pressure. This pressure can damage pipe linings and connections, potentially leading to breakage and backups.

Damaged Sewer Line Red Flags

Here are some surefire signs that your property could be dealing with a damaged sewer line:

  • Wet spots appearing around your property
  • Drains that move slowly or not at all
  • Bad odors coming from your sewer system
  • Drains that gurgle as water moves through them
  • Water backing up in toilets and sinks

If you experience any of these signs, get in touch with our team so that we can provide immediate sewer line repair in Concord, NC.

Why Prompt Sewer Repair Matters

Addressing sewer concerns quickly is very important as issues with plumbing and sewer systems only tend to get worse over time. What starts out as a small inconvenience can quickly snowball into a plumbing emergency very quickly. Whether we need to repair or replace sewer line, immediate action is of the utmost importance.

Ignoring a plumbing problem also means that costs can go up for routine repairs. Thankfully, one call to a plumber in Concord, NC, from Charlotte Plumbing Masters can put your mind at ease as our plumbing professionals can handle all of the hard work for you.

Replacement Can Be An Option

Sewer line replacement may be necessary in some cases of a sewer line problem. If it is, we’ll provide honest, straightforward advice. Replacing a sewer line is often necessary when the line has been so badly damaged that repairing it wouldn’t make much sense. Additionally, a line that is over 40 years old is often a good candidate for a replacement since older lines tend to develop recurring problems after four decades of service.

Entrust Your Sewer Issues to Our Team

Charlotte Plumbing Masters offers reliable service from plumbing professionals who care about the Concord, NC community. We’ve watched the local grow over the last decade, and we’re proud to be a part of the evolution of the Northeast Charlotte Metro area. All of our local plumbers are background-checked for your peace of mind. Best of all, we are fully licensed and insured for added value and protection.

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When you need a plumber to tackle the toughest sewer line problems, contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters. You can schedule an appointment by calling us or filling out the online form. We look forward to addressing your sewer concerns right away.

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