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Professional Water Heater Repair in Charlotte, NC

There are many things in life that you do not realize how much you enjoy until they stop working. For example, you get into the shower and turn on the tap. However, after waiting a couple of minutes, you realize you will be taking a cold shower because your water heater is not functioning. When this happens, your best option is to reach out to our professional plumbing company, the expert in water heater repair services.

How Our Water Heater Services Benefit You

If you own a home, you will need our plumber in Charlotte, NC, to assist you in maintaining anything providing water in your home. You will want to have maintenance done regularly on your tank to help with the efficiency and prevention of breakdowns. One of the main reasons to have your water heater maintained is to keep it running efficiently.

Part of a water heater’s job is to filter the water, so it is common to see sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank. This sediment is simply minerals that travel in the water, but when they accumulate it takes more work for the tank to heat the water. To help prevent the early need for a water heater replacement, Charlotte Plumbing Masters recommends having us drain your tank completely at least once a year or every six months.

When you have our professionals perform regular maintenance on your heater, you will discover any potential problems before they cost you a lot of money. We can also provide immediate water heater repair in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas to address any leaks or corrosion before your tank floods your house or just stops working altogether. No one likes surprises, such as a flooded basement or a sudden cold shower. When you rely on our experts, you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

In addition to performing maintenance on your water heater, we can make sure you have a professional perform water heater repair immediately. While the cost of repairs may get expensive, you generally have warning signs to look for that will let you know your tank is beginning to malfunction. Of course, proper water heater installation is key to avoiding premature failure, so it pays to consult us.

  • Irregular Temperatures – If you get into your shower and it is slow to warm up, or it goes cold in the middle, you will want to call a professional. This is not the same as water temperature changing when someone flushes the toilet while you are showering, or running water anywhere else. There are many things that can cause the water temperature to fluctuate, but if you wait too long or your tank is old, you may be looking for a new tankless water heater.
  • Water Discoloration – When you turn on your tap, it should come out without color. Cloudy water is sometimes common if the water pressure is high or the temperature is hot. However, you should never see color in your water, or the sediments in your tank are flowing through your water.
  • Noises – Water tanks should run quietly in the background, with an occasional hum. However, if you begin to hear cracking, popping, or banging noises, you will want to contact a professional.
  • Corrosion/Leaking – If you begin to see rust on the outside of the tank, or your water has an orange color to it, you might be dealing with corrosion on your water heater. Even if you own a tankless water heater, you will want to have professionals come out to see if we can perform water heater repair in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas.

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