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The Top Team for Sewer Line Repair in Charlotte, NC

When you need a plumber in Charlotte, NC, there’s only one name to call for reliable service from trusted plumbing professionals – Charlotte Plumbing Masters. We specialize in tough jobs that require experienced experts. You can be sure that we’re ready to serve you with a full suite of plumbing and sewer-related services when you need us.

Dealing With Sewer Line Issues?

At Charlotte Plumbing Masters, we resolve a large variety of sewer line problems. Among the most common are:

  • Broken or damaged sewer lines
  • Root intrusion into a sewer line
  • Improper installation
  • Pipe shifting
  • Clogs from waste and debris

There are a number of signs you can look for that may indicate you have a damaged sewer line These include:

Wet Spots in Your Yard

The Charlotte area already has clay-like soil that tends to hold moisture, so if you see wet spots developing in your yard or around your property, there’s a good chance you have a damaged water or sewer line.

Gurgling Noises Coming From Your Pipes

When a sewer line is damaged, it usually lets air into the line. When this occurs, you may hear gurgling noises coming from your lines along with a drop in water pressure depending on where the damage has occurred.

Bad Odors Coming From Your Drains

You may also notice foul odors coming from your drains and around your property. A damaged sewer line could be allowing waste and wastewater to seep into your soil, around your foundation, and back up into your drains.

Reasons Why Sewer Repair is Needed

If a sewer line repair in Charlotte, NC, is needed, it should be addressed fast. Below are several reasons why you need to act quickly when a problem has been detected:

  • Sewer problems only get worse with time
  • Damaged sewer and plumbing lines can lead to flooding and property damage
  • Issues with a clogged sewer line lead to bacteria spread and mold growth

Our trusted plumbing company is ready to serve you. We even offer emergency services because you can’t plan for a plumbing problem to strike. Our full range of sewer repair services is sure to address the issue right away.

Is Replacement the Best Option?

While repairs can often fix problems, we may need to replace sewer line based on the needs of your specific situation. Our team offers video inspection services to get an in-depth look inside of your pipes, and we can provide you with options based on what we find. In most cases, replacement of sewer lines is recommended in cases of severe damage or when lines have been installed for 40 years or longer.

Customer Satisfaction is a Priority

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the premier provider of sewer line replacement and repairs in the Charlotte Metro. Our guarantee to you is to provide stellar customer service and on-time solutions from a team of experienced experts who care about your indoor comfort.

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