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Highly Qualified Plumber in Charlotte, NC

Residents in the Charlotte, North Carolina, region, know they can depend on Charlotte Plumbing Masters to solve their plumbing problems. We provide an extensive range of plumbing services in Charlotte, NC for local homeowners. Our technicians specialize in fast and expert repairs, so your plumbing system gets back into tip-top shape before you know it. Our specialists are friendly, our prices are unbeatable, and our repairs are lasting.


Whether you’re dealing with leaking pipes, poor water pressure, corroded pipelines, or require backflow prevention systems installed, we’re the team for the job. If you need general plumbing assistance or are experiencing plumbing problems within your home, trust the professional plumber in Charlotte, NC, from Charlotte Plumbing Masters to take care of everything.


Just like any other area of your home, your pipes get older, and problems begin to arise. Aging pipes lead to leaks, water damage, and inadequate water pressure throughout your home plumbing in Charlotte, NC. If these issues sound familiar, it may be time to re-pipe your home.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters specializes in whole house repiping. Whether you’re dealing with corroded plumbing, rusty water, persistent leaks, or poor water pressure, we can help. Our Charlotte team can replace your aged and damaged water system with a brand new one. Best of all, our repiping services only take between one and five business days. That means your plumbing system will be back in business by the weekend. Thanks to our fast plumbing repairs in Charlotte, NC, affordable pricing, and knowledgeable technicians, Charlotte homeowners can trust our team for all of their repiping needs.


It’s essential to have working equipment in your home to keep your plumbing system running smoothly. Backflow prevention devices protect your property from water contamination due to buildup and backflow. Back-siphonage happens when high-pressure fluids move to an area where there are low-pressure fluids. When this occurs, sewage water can contaminate your drinking water.

To stop these plumbing problems from occurring, you need preventative appliances. Our team is happy to install, replace, and provide maintenance on backflow prevention equipment to assure your home’s water doesn’t become infiltrated by waste. Our Charlotte plumbing team is here to assist you and ensure your backflow prevention equipment is operating correctly.


Charlotte Plumbing Masters is your go-to plumbing team. We’re happy to help local homeowners resolve their plumbing problems quickly. Our specialists are knowledgeable and have extensive experience in general plumbing repairs. We are proud to specialize in a wide range of top-notch plumbing services including bathroom plumbing and kitchen plumbing services. North Carolina residents need a local team who is reliable, affordable and understands how important emergency plumbing in Charlotte, NC, are. That team is Charlotte Plumbing Masters.

Many of our customers are life-long clients, thanks to our competitive pricing and expert plumbing services. If you’re looking for general plumbing assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll have one of our industry-leading technicians repairing your problem in no time. If you live in or around Charlotte, North Carolina, you can trust Charlotte Plumbing Masters for all of your general plumbing needs. Call us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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Wrap up your search for a reliable and affordable plumbing and drain cleaning company with Charlotte Plumbing Masters. Our plumbing pros provide top-notch services for residents and business owners in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Feel free to call us or fill out our online form to reach out to Charlotte Plumbing Masters.