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What Causes Water Line Leaks


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Over time, you may realize that your pipes have developed leaks. This is a common plumbing problem in most homes, and when it happens, you should contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters for professional water leak repair in Charlotte, NC. Here are some of the leading causes of water line leaks.

Pipe Corrosion

Over time, rust and other types of corrosion can erode your pipes. If you notice any warping on the water lines or water discoloration, have a plumber assess your plumbing right away and offer the necessary leak repair services. Corrosion eats away metallic pipes, allowing water to leak out.

Excessive Water Pressure

Water pipes are designed to withstand a specific level of water pressure. Any additional pressure can strain your pipes, causing leaks and other pipe problems. Professional water leak services can help fix this problem.

Broken Seals

During appliance or fixture installation, the plumber adds seals around all the pipe connectors to stop water from seeping. Over time, the seal may wear out or break, causing leaks. If you notice puddles near your appliances, you may have a broken seal. Our expertise in water leak detection and fixture repair can help address this problem.

Extreme Temperature Changes

Rapid temperature fluctuations can cause your pipes to expand and contract too quickly. This expansion and contraction can cause pipes to crack, especially during winter. If this occurs, you’ll need prompt leak repair or a complete pipe replacement.


If your water lines become clogged and you don’t remove the clog, it can lead to burst pipes or overflowing. This occurs when the substances forming the clog include corrosives and toxic chemicals.

If you have noticed a drastic increase in your water bills, a sudden change in water flow, or other tell-tale signs of water leaks, contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters right away. We can detect and repair leaks anywhere in your home, including those affecting pipes behind walls or floors. Schedule an appointment with our expert team today.

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