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Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Drain Snaking


Plumber using drain snake to unclog kitchen sink Waxhaw, NC

Clogs are a common problem in homes. These can be caused by several factors, including hair buildup, used oil and grease, and other debris. While there are a number of DIY methods that can be used to clear a clog, drain cleaning in Waxhaw, NC is one that should be left to the professionals.

At Charlotte Plumbing Masters, our professional team undergoes training to make sure that they can handle the equipment, such as drain snakes, properly. We explain some of the risks of DIY drain snaking below:

Potential for Damage to Your Pipes

Drain snaking involves using a long, flexible tool to clear a clogged drain. If the tool is not used properly, it can damage your pipes and lead to leaks and cracks.

Risk of Injury

Without training, drain snaking can be dangerous. The tool can recoil and cause injury if it is not handled properly.

Misdiagnosis of the Problem

Most attempts to clear a clogged drain end up failing because homeowners don’t know what’s causing the blockage. In comparison, a professional drain cleaning company can diagnose the culprit behind the clogging and provide the best solutions.

Never attempt to clear clogs yourself; call a professional plumber instead. Schedule an appointment with Charlotte Plumbing Masters today.

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