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Why You Should Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners


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A clogged drainage will leave ugly water pools in sinks and tubs and it may lead to an awful smell. Your best option is to call for drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC, by Charlotte Plumbing Masters. Never opt for chemical drain cleaners because they cause more harm than good. Here is a look at why these products should never go down your drain.

Damage to Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners work through chemical reactions that generate heat in order to clear the clogged drain. This heat can cause damage to your pipes necessitating a replacement. Both PVC and metallic pipes can be damaged by these chemicals.

Not Effective

Mineral buildup and broken pipes are some clogging issues that chemical cleaners will not resolve. For these, you will still need to call a plumber even after pouring an entire bottle of drain cleaner. To avoid this, call a plumber the minute you notice clogging. We use gentle yet effective methods, such as drain snaking, to get rid of the clog permanently.

Safety Concerns

Drain cleaners can cause burns when they come into contact with skin, bleach clothes, and even be fatal when ingested. It is advisable to keep these chemicals away from children and pets. When using them, one should wear gloves and other protective items. Why risk your safety and that of your loved ones when you can just call a professional drain cleaning company to take care of the issue?

The chemicals in drain cleaners are not just harmful to humans but the environment as well. They kill bacteria in septic tanks reducing the effectiveness of waste breakdown. The residue in empty bottles ends up in landfills where it can negatively impact the environment.

Rather than resorting to chemical cleaners when you encounter a clog, turn to a professional for drain cleaning services instead. Contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters today to schedule an appointment.

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