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What Causes Strange Drain Sounds


leaking p trap under kitchen sink

Drains are prone to clogging over time due to the accumulation of food particles, debris, dirt, and other particles. If you always want your drain to be in good shape, get regular drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC, from a professional company like Charlotte Plumbing Masters. Don’t skip routine maintenance on your drains, as they’ll be more prone to various problems, many of which can be identified by their strange sounds. Here are some causes of strange drain sounds.

Clogged Drains

A gurgling sound in your pipes indicates you have a clogged drain. If you hear this noise from the drain of a sink, bathtub, or shower, the water flow is obstructed. If the gurgling sound comes from more than one drain in your home, it indicates a more serious issue, such as a burst pipe.

Damaged P-trap

The P-trap in your kitchen or bathroom sink may be damaged or clogged, causing these noises. This is typically the source of the sounds. It could be a buildup of hair or soap scum or a small object that was flushed down the toilet by accident and became lodged in the drain. If only one of your drains is clogged or the p-trap is damaged, it may be sufficient to hire a professional to perform drain snaking to clear the obstruction and repair the p-trap.

Blocked Sewer Line

Your home is equipped with a sewer pipe that connects to the main sewer line, which is typically located in your yard or street and carries waste away from your property. If this pipe becomes clogged, you will certainly experience a backup in your basement. This pipe may become obstructed or clogged for various reasons, such as water-seeking tree roots or flushing bathroom products other than toilet paper. Whether dealing with tree roots or a clogged toilet, you will need drain cleaning services from a licensed plumber.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is a drain cleaning company that can help you deal with these issues and any other plumbing service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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