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Expert Tips to Keep Drains Clog-Free


Expert Tips to Keep Drains Clog-Free

Clogged drains can be annoying to deal with, especially if you are in the middle of washing the dishes or taking a shower. Fortunately, drain clogs are easy to deal with and even easier to prevent. Charlotte Plumbing Masters, a trusted drain cleaning company, shares the following tips to keep drains clean and clog-free:

Schedule Frequent Drain Cleaning

If you have a habit of disposing of leftover food particles down the drain, we recommend scheduling regular drain cleaning in Kannapolis, NC. This will get rid of any buildup or clogs that have started to form and keep your drains flowing smoothly. Avoid using any chemical cleaners or DIY methods as these may harm your pipes and cause more issues.

Invest in Drain Covers and Screens

Even with the utmost care, foreign objects, soap scums, and human hair will find their way into the drains, causing blockages. Drain cleaning services can help resolve most types of clogs, but you can also prevent clogs by installing a drain cover or screen. Drain screens sieve these foreign objects, ensuring only soluble matter and wastewater find their way into the drains.

Keep off Grease from Your Kitchen Drain

Washing off fats, grease, and oil in the kitchen drain increases the risks of it clogging. While these substances are liquid when hot, they tend to solidify and attach themselves to the debris held in your drain piping as they cool, leading to serious blockages.

Avoid Throwing Trash in the Toilet

While it may seem safe flushing hygienic products and other trash down the toilet, these can actually cause a clogged drain. Consider placing a trash can in your bathroom and educating the members of your household about proper disposal.

At Charlotte Plumbing Masters, we offer quality drain snaking and general plumbing services. Our trained professionals can help keep your drains clog-free and working in great condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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