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Understanding Drain Snaking


Understanding Drain Snaking

When you seek professional help to unclog a drain, drain snaking is one of the methods a plumber in Kannapolis, NC from Charlotte Plumbing Masters may employ to help reinstate the normal flow. We discuss this drain cleaning method and how it can benefit you below:

Drain Snaking Explained

Drain snaking is an effective method of drain cleaning in Kannapolis, NC that involves inserting a long, bladed or hooked cable inside the sewer line until it reaches a clog. The blade or hook at the end of the drain snake breaks up the blockage so it can get cleared away.

While a drain snake helps eliminate clogs, improper use can worsen the problem. A drain snake can not only worsen an obstruction or cause water to back up but also make holes in your pipes, especially if you have an older home with clay pipes. Our plumbers know how to use a drain snake correctly, removing the clog without causing further damage to your plumbing system, so it’s best to leave drain snaking to professionals.

Benefits of Drain Snaking

Drain snaking is among the most effective drain cleaning services. If done correctly, it can restore the functionality of your drains. This technique can be helpful if you’re experiencing slow-flowing drains, recurring clogs, or drain odors associated with clogged debris. Drain snaking is also ideal for dealing with bathroom clogs caused by hair and soap scum buildup.

Drain Cleaning Experts

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the trusted drain cleaning company, and nearby areas you can rely on to efficiently and effectively clean your drains. We’ll start by conducting a thorough drain inspection to locate the clog and determine the best drain cleaning method.

Whether you have a clogged drain or simply need the services of a reliable plumber, contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters for professional solutions.

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