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The Risks of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners


The Risks of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Sooner or later, each homeowner has to address a clogging problem in their home’s drain system. Often, many homeowners perceive chemical drain cleaners as the quickest solution to such issues than seeking professional drain cleaning services. After all, what you’re required to do is merely spill it down your drain system, and the chemical cleaners will handle the rest.

However, you should understand that chemical drain cleaners can cause significant dangers to your health and drain system. Below are key risks of using chemical drain cleaners and why you should contact your plumber in Kannapolis, NC, from Charlotte Plumbing Masters.

They Can Create More Drain Problems

Chemical drain cleaners depend on chemically initiated interactions to clear off the clogs in your drain. Often, these chemical interactions are extremely hot to melt the clog or extremely abrasive to eat it away. Regrettably, not all drain pipe materials are made to withstand such hotness or corrosiveness, thus damaging your plumbing pipes. Instead, you should seek emergency plumbing services from a well-established company to address the clogging problem without damaging your piping.

They Emit Dangerous Fumes

Even in the situation where you won’t directly come into contact with chemical drain cleaners, they may still cause harm to you. If you breathe in the sulphuric acid fumes in the chemical cleaners, it can erode your teeth or harm your respiratory tract. Therefore, always reach out to our team for plumbing repairs in your home.

They Can Cause Environmental Damage

Chemical drain cleaners contain harmful components that, if exposed to the environment, can cause serious damage. The remnants contained in the cleaners often sip through into the underground to mix with groundwater. Eventually, this starts to harm animals living in water bodies and plants within the polluted region. That’s why you need to avoid using chemical drain cleaners and instead seek professional plumbing services.

If you’re looking for a well-established plumbing company to fix all your drain clogging issues, Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the right place to be. Contact us for inquiries and schedule an appointment with our world-class plumbers today.

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