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Why Your Kitchen Sink Keeps Getting Clogged


Why Your Kitchen Sink Keeps Getting Clogged

Your kitchen sink does a lot of washing and cleaning every day. Even if you take care of its use, you may still experience clogging. One of the best ways to maintain and stop blockages is drain cleaning in Kannapolis, NC.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters has seen the causes of clogging in drain cleaning services. Here are some of the most common household items that create nasty blockages.

Coffee Grounds

As much as coffee gives us the energy to carry on through the day, it can cause a stubborn clogged drain. They have a tendency to form clogs when hydrated. They can also clump together when they pass oily or sticky substances stuck in the pipes. Throw coffee waste in the garbage or recycle it.

Oil and Grease

Anything that has oil and grease doesn’t belong down the kitchen sink. They can stick inside the pipes and cause buildups that form stubborn blockages. It will become hardened clogs as most grease becomes solid with lower temperatures. You can get drain snaking or hydro jetting services to remove them, but don’t let them develop in the first place.

Built-up Food Particles

All types of food particles and debris don’t belong in your kitchen drains. The previous reasons are why these small bits and pieces can get stuck inside the pipes. They will cause built-up clogs over time because of their porous, absorbent nature. If they stick inside the pipes from the trapped oil or grease, they will become a major problem.

Despite using a garbage disposal unit, it’s never a reason to throw food waste down the drain. Dispose of them in the garbage at all times.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is the drain cleaning companyto call. Our professional plumbing services are effective plumbing solutions. We will take care of those stubborn clogs right away.

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