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Top 3 Signs of Damaged Drains

3 Signs Your Drains Are Damaged

We’ve been told to be careful with our drain usage to avoid plumbing issues. But even with routine maintenance and cleaning, you can still get damaged drains. We at Charlotte Plumbing Masters provide repairs and drain cleaning in Kannapolis, NC. We keep your drains and sewers flowing out wastewater uninterrupted.

Pay attention to the following signs of drain damage. Before it gets worse, call for our expert help right away.

Sewage and Toilet Backups

It is normal to experience the occasional blockage. But if your toilets back up with each flush, you could have a damaged main sewer line. Get immediate help to locate the problem in your plumbing. You will need our specialists for immediate repair, replacement, and drain cleaning services.

Foul Sewer Stink

Drains are airtight, but with damaged drains, sewer gasses can escape. You will notice very bad odors that stink like rotten eggs. This indicates that the drain is leaking and wastewater has spread out. It is now a more severe problem than a simple clogged drain. Drain cleaning can clear the mess before and after a repair.

Slow Drains

Our drain snaking service is often all it takes to get your drain flowing smoothly again. If this service doesn’t remedy the problem, your issues could lie deeper within the sewer line. We can inspect and locate the problem and do the necessary repairs for you.

Other Indicators

You can check for other signs of drain damage. Search the areas of your lawn for uneven land, mud, and lush spots. Leaking wastewater causes oversaturation from a broken sewer line.

You may also see molds, water damage, and moss growth in the surrounding areas. Get drain cleaning and sewer line repair at once.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, call Charlotte Plumbing Masters today. We are your trusted drain cleaning company in Kannapolis, NC. We will take care of these issues with renowned quality work. Don’t procrastinate and get it done ASAP!

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