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Why Kitchens Are Prone to Clogged Drain Issues

Why Kitchens Are Prone to Clogged Drain Issues

If you’re dealing with a clogged kitchen drain, it’s in your best interest to turn to an established drain cleaning company in Concord, NC, instead of tackling the job of unclogging it yourself. The team at Charlotte Plumbing Masters is backed by a wealth of experience in this line of work, and we have a history of getting results. 

Our team takes pride in providing exceptional and thorough drain cleaning in Concord, NC. We’re also pleased to offer the following facts on heading off drain clogs for the benefit of our local clientele.

Common Reasons Behind Kitchen Drain Clogs

A clogged drain in Concord, NC, can generally be blamed on one of several causes. Food scraps left on plates and cooking pots may accumulate in a kitchen drain if dishes aren’t properly scraped before washing. Greases and fats that are liquid when hot may solidify inside of the pipe as they cool if discarded down the drain. Once a small obstruction forms, more and more material builds up over time until the drain is completely blocked.

Steps to Prevent Kitchen Drain Clogs

Grease, food particles, paper products, and other solid materials should be placed in the trash or trapped on a mesh or perforated drain plug to keep them out of the drain. Drain snaking in Concord, NC, and other mechanical means of opening up clogged drains should be left to expert plumbers. If preventive measures fail, don’t hesitate to contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters.

Contact Us for Professional Drain Cleaning

Charlotte Plumbing Masters should be the first and only name that comes to mind whenever you need a plumber in Concord, NC, or a nearby area. We’re prepared to apply one or more of our proven tactics to clear out your stubbornly clogged kitchen drain, and we’ll set up your service visit at your earliest convenience.

Call us now or fill out the online form on this site to schedule an appointment for our drain cleaning services in Concord, NC. We look forward to working with you.

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