How to do maintenance on standard tank Hot Water Heater

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  • 27 February 2019
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How to do maintenance on standard tank Hot Water Heater

With our fast pace daily routine, we tend to forget or do not have time to follow up on needed house hold items maintenance. One of the items most home owners fail to care for, is the Hot Water Heater. All Water Heater manufacturers usually prep User & Care Guide and attach it in a plastic bag at the side of the unit as a guide.   

Do I have to do routine maintenance?

You will ask why does my water heater need this maintenance, it works just fine and the previous one lasted 10 years. Stated by manufacturer, routine maintenance will help your Water Heater work better and last longer. If you do not need to extend the life of your Water Heater and make it perform better, that is ok. If you wish to save some money long term, read carefully and follow all the instructions in manufacturer User & Care Guide

Routine Maintenance needed

  1. The most important, common maintenance needed is Draining and Flushing Water Heater. It is recommended to be done initially 6 months after installation, to check the amount of sediment formed and determine how often it needs to be flushed and drained. If there is little sediment, flush and drain Water Heater annually. If there is a lot of sediment, flush and drain tank more often.
  2. Anode Rod is recommended to be checked six months after installation of Water Heater, when flush and drain is done. The anode rod is a sacrificial metal rode which helps avoiding inner tank corrosion and extend lifespan.
  3. T&P (temperature and pressure) valve. This is a safety devise which you have to make sure is operational. T&P should be operated manually at least once a year to make sure it is not stuck and still working. 
  4. Visual inspection is a must! 
  • Venting and air supply inspection is very important. It is to be done anually to make sure there is not any damage or obstruction built in the past 12 months which could lead to carbon monoxide build up.
  • Burner carbon build up is another important thing to be checked out once a year, to make sure burning action is done right.
  • It is recommended for the Air intake dust filter to be removed and cleaned annually, to prevent water heater from starving for oxygen.

 AoSmith Use & Care Guide

DIY routine maintenence or not?

If you are a handy person, routine maintenance may be something you can do yourself and save some money. But if you have never done any work similar to the work described in User & Care Guide, it is better to call a Plumber.  A number of things can go wrong and in the end, cost you more.






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