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3 Signs Your Drains Are Damaged

Charlotte Plumbing Masters can help you keep your plumbing at its best throughout the year. We provide drain cleaning services in Kannapolis, NC that will allow your main sewer line to do its job properly. However, even with routine maintenance and cleaning, you can find yourself dealing with damaged drains. Look for these three signs that indicate your drain is in trouble.

Sewage Backup

It is normal to experience occasional blockage, but if your toilets back up with each flush, you could have a damaged main sewer line. Watch for blockages in more than just one of your drains as well. When this happens, you need a plumber in Kannapolis, NC immediately.

Bad Odors

Drains are normally airtight, but if yours is damaged, sewer gasses can escape. You will know when this is happening when you notice bad odors that remind you of rotten eggs. This indicates a problem that is more severe than a simple clogged drain in Kannapolis, NC.

Slow Drains

Our drain snaking in Kannapolis, NC is often all it takes to get your drain flowing smoothly again. If this service doesn't remedy the problem, your issues could lie deeper within the sewer line. We can inspect and locate the problem and do the necessary repairs for you.

Other Indicators

In addition to issues mentioned above, be sure to search the areas of your lawn for indentations and lush spots. These will likely be caused by oversaturation and fertilization from a broken line. In this situation, we will promptly perform drain cleaning in Kannapolis, NC and repair the main sewer line.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact Charlotte Plumbing Masters today. We are your trusted drain cleaning company in Kannapolis, NC for diagnosing, locating, and repairing problems within your main sewer line.

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