• Emergency gas line services – gas leak detection and repairs
  • Gas line services – new installations of gas line, maintenance, replacement
  • Home appliances installation – water heaters, stoves, grills, fireplaces, generators, heating

Charlotte Plumbing Masters provides a quality gas line service for the residents of North Carolina. Licensed, bonded, insured and properly trained, we handle quickly and with care any gas related issues. With installation and repair of gas line, which requires knowledge and experience more than any other task, you are safely covered by our master technicians. Call us today at (704) 949-2525 to schedule a new gas line installation, replacement or maintenance.

Planning some construction changes at home? Consult us to make sure you won’t affect the gas line and the proper functioning of your appliances.

Our fast service guarantees that you will have any of your gas appliances installed properly the same day. For gas stoves, barbeque grills, fireplaces, dryers, water heaters, pool heaters , generators or any other home appliance working on gas, we offer reasonable prices for installation or repair. Make sure to schedule periodical maintenance and inspection to prevent any leaks endangering your family and home.

Use our Emergency Hot Line (704) 949-2525 After hours ext# 1 if you notice any of the following signs of a gas leak: smell of gas, hissing noise coming from the gas line, non-working gas appliances, deformations or changes in shape of the gas pipes. Any corrosion, mechanical damage or tear resulting from the high pressure, can lead to gas leaks which we can detect and fix with special equipment.

Charlotte Plumbing Masters is a local company, fully compliant and familiar with the local codes and procedures. Our professionalism and experienced technicians makes us your reliable contractor.

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